The INTERNATIONAL CLUB ATLANTIS, created in 2011, will consist of philanthropists and senior professionals arias in all of society, contributing financially freely and voluntarily for the development of our organization.



Our main project is the "ARTISTIC NATIONAL TRAINING SCHOOL" in its first life cycle, provides the general public: Music Workshops oriented learning various instruments also special vocal technique courses for all types of singers . The second part involves the creation of "WORLD INSTITUTE FOR CHILDREN AND YOUNG ARTISTS", where children can receive nationwide with artistic talent, these are among other objectives for which we currently work.


On the social side we created the "Boys Choir of Quito" INTERNATIONAL TRAINING PROGRAM CHILD CORAL VOCAL, which is also in its infancy. This part of the project welcomes children from all walks gifted with innate abilities for singing, this action is aimed at guiding children from early ages whose talent could be lost due to lack of timely guidance, the possibility of offering scholarships to all project is open for special cases.


In the field of communication takes place RADIOMISIONARTE proposal through the network, to establish communicative spaces of social, cultural, artistic, educational and scientific, have begun to direct transmission worldwide..


PRODUCTIONS and professional services, is aimed at independent artistic production, we have professional recording studio for audio, video and film, with advanced technology.


We initiated in 2011 a large project, this time in the pitch, creating: BEES SPORTING CLUB, institution related to the various sports, primarily football, in order to run from 2012, events with INTEGRAL RECREATION, sports and artistic activities that provide healthy recreation to the community, making the most of our diversity, in all its aspects, as is done in several countries already.


We believe in looking through a self regentable project, funding to build a Universal Cultural Center, which serves as a model for many cities worldwide. Where they can create spaces suitable for various cultural activities of each human social system.